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Natural Health Surrey & Sussex

Do treatments hurt?

No it should not hurt. Fiona is highly experienced and can feel where there is an area of tenderness and so she is very gentle to those areas, but she still treats them as they may be areas that need attention, [clearing blockages], but this does not cause any pain.

How long does a treatment last?

Fiona always gives an hour for a treatment, unless it is a half body massage or an Indian Head massage. Which both take 35 mins.

For your first treamtment always allow for 75 mins. So she can take your medical history before your session begins.

If you decide you would like to come for Nutrition advice and Naturopathic cleansing help; allow for 1.5 hours for your first session.

If you choose to have a half body massage [ with or without stones],

Fiona will offer to do your back, back of legs , arms and head BUT if you would prefer more time on shoulders and back you only have to say as she is very flexible and is used to accomodating her clients.

How often do I have to come before I see a benefit?

“Most clients have found it helpful to come on a regular basis, it varies it according to their health and needs. Some come once a month, others every two weeks some six weekly and some every two months.

Many see an improvement quickly but balance takes time to achieve and the body takes time to eliminate toxins. Making a change for the better that will be sustained and correcting bad eating habits or posture can take time. The more committed clients are to their health and the more willing to change, the faster they will see a benefit.

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