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Hot Stones


Increases lymphatic function

Creates balance and harmony

Relieves tension

Can lower blood pressure

Relaxes muscles

‘A unique and exhilarating treatment.’

Stone therapy is an ancient healing art that has been rediscovered.

In Chinese medicine balance is provided by the five elements, [earth, fire, metal, wood and water].

It is thought that stone massage provides balance through out the body by encompassing all the five elements into the massage.

In the stones nature has provided us with a tool that holds a wealth of healing energy.

The Basalt stone, [which is made of volcanic rock], is heated in the latest ‘Vulsini’ bag to a temperature which is comfortable to the client.

Then the stones are used for massage and some stones are used for placement on specific muscles to help release tension.

The heat penetrates through the muscles to aid relaxation.

Some of the benefits are:

Increases cell metabolism ; thereby increasing the rate at which the body processes nutrients and toxins.

Blood pressure is lowered as a result of the vaso-dilation.

Tense tight muscles are relaxed as the heat from the stones increases the relaxation response and increases healing through improved blood flow and circulation.

Warmth generated from the hot stones helps to increase range of motion in the joints and increased flexibility in muscles.

Increases lymphatic function, thereby increasing detoxification, cleansing & elimination.

Sensory nerve endings are soothed, creating a feeling of relaxation.

Activates the parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging the body to rest and relax.

The psychological effects are :

Creates the feeling of balance and harmony

Helps to relieve tension and stress

Enhanced feeling of well being

Allows you to feel relaxed, comforted and grounded

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