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Baby Massage


Research shows that babies who are touched in a loving way have less illness, cry less

and sleep better

Improves baby's circulation and boosts their immune system

It can relieve pain, it is advisable to seek the advice of a paediatrician [if your baby does have pain]

Helps tone muscles and joints to be more flexible -very helpful to low birth weight babies and children with special needs

Fiona enjoys teaching mothers how to massage their own babies. She has found that teaching in large groups is not personal enough as she wants to make sure that everyone she teaches understands and feels confident to massage their baby.

Fiona demonstrates massage on a doll at the same time as the mother massages her baby. This way she can ensure that the mother feels totally confident and understands the routine and movements.It also allows the mother to build a deeper connection with her baby and gives the mother confidence in handling her baby in a new way.

Fiona offers one to one sessions or for you to gather a few friends for a coffee morning [up to 8 people]. While she demonstrates the massage techniques on a doll and the mother's practice at the same time on their baby.This allows Fiona to make sure no one is being missed out of the class. [Large classes can be hard for people to follow if one or more babies cry.

Fiona asks if anyone's baby has any health issues and she shows each individual mother how they can use light touch Reflexology to help.

Most people find that one session of this more personal Baby massage teaching is enough . A diagrammed routine of the massage is provided to each person and books are recommended which are helpful as your child grows so that you can continue to enjoy massage between you and your baby.

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