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Herbs are beautiful and amazing energies. Herbs and plants were used as food possibly as far back as the beginning of mankind. They help to bridge the gap for the body where the food we now grow is lacking in so many nutrients. Herbs help the body to eliminate toxins and help restore us naturally working on the whole body. If you look at the history of Herbs they have successfully been used for many years all over the World in many different cultures. They can be used in different ways; from infusions, tinctures, oxymels, herbal honey, powders, elixirs, poultices, tablets, suppositories, fresh juices and more.


I remember when my daughter was young, she used to walk around the garden and try to eat the flowers and leaves, [ I did check to see if any were poisonous]. Have you ever watched animals, they instinctually know what they should eat for their bodies.


It is time for us to listen to our young intuitive children and animals and look at the past and see how Herbs have been used throughout history to heal and support the body working on mind, body and spirit in these fast, stressful and toxic lives we lead.


Fiona is now giving advice on Herbs with her treatments.  Fiona has for many years suggested foods and supplements and yoga stretches that will benefit you on what she has found in your feet or from taking your medical history.  Now she is also giving guidance on how you could use Herbs in various ways to help bring you back into balance and improve your health.


Fiona does not supply you with any Herbs, but she recommends where you can buy them.

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