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Natural Health Surrey & Sussex

Maternity Reflexology


If you would like preconception or Antenatal care, fiona helps you with your worries and supports you along your journey to motherhood. Fiona gives you advice on ways you can help your body and baby, through Nutrition, herbs, yoga and by working the Reflex points which support the bodies systems.

Fiona has found that Reflexology has helped her clients with, fertility, backache, constipation, fluid retention, high blood pressure, labour, mood swings, panic attacks, palpitations, piles to name a few. She has had women return to her sometimes several times with different pregnancies.

Reflexology is an amazing tool to help balance and harmonise the whole body.

Fiona also trained as an N.N.E.B. Nursery nurse as well as being a mother of two.

If during your pregnancy complications or disorders arise it is import to see your own GP or Midwife.

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