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Natural Health Surrey & Sussex

Cranio-Sacral Therapy


CST is helpful for chronic pain

Helps mobility alleviates back pain

Rebalancing of structural problems

Relieves stiff joints

Can treat headaches, migraines

Can improve mind and body co-ordination

Improves energy

Can help with nerve pain

Helps when you feel out of alignment

Cranio-sacral therapy is a gentle non-invasive, manipulative technique.

It works by balancing the flow of the cranial fluid within the spine and skull by helping the diaphrams, and blockages of the body to relax.

Cranial fluid surrounds, lubricates and protects the spinal cord and a proper balance in flow promotes better health.

The treatment involves lying on a couch fully clothed whilst the therapist

[Fiona] feels areas known as the diagrams in the body [by holding the sacrum, true diagram, shoulder girdle, hyoid, occipital bone and the other bones in the head.

It can, however, involve knees or ankles or anywhere there is a blockage].

Very gently she encourages the body to release any blockages that are preventing the natural flow of the cranial fluids path within the body. Encouraging the normal balance to return.

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