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I recommend Cytoplan vitamins to my clients because they are a British company which are a wholly owned charitable foundation.

Their supplements are FOODSTATE, which is recognised by the Government and they help to bridge the Nutritional gap in our diets today. Some vitamins you buy can contain fillers and are not of a high quality, so you may just be wasting your money, which is why it is important to use a well-recognised company.

It is important to use supplements in our daily lives as food is not what it used to be. Our bodies are carefully balanced chemistry sets and we need to provide them with food and food state supplements so that they can perform and stay healthy.

If you need help and are confused in which supplements you need please make an appointment and I will help guide you through this minefield.

I can provide you with a 10 % discount on their products

Additional seminars and workshops Fiona has attended;

Cancer cutting your risk, women through the ages, herbal help for Therapists, Facial Reflexology, Vertical reflexology, lymphatic drainage reflexology.

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